WR – Foyt Family Wines – 2014 Pinot Noir

I don’t quite have my Wine Review rubric finished, so I’m not going to officially “rate” this wine, but I opened this gift bottle tonight and wanted to make it my first review for the blog.

As I mentioned, this was a gift from my cousin, Thomas, and his girlfriend, Ashleigh. Thomas works for Andretti Racing, and racing is thusly a big part of his life. For those who don’t know, Foyt Family Wines is the winery of the family of A.J. Foyt, famed Indy Car racer. You can read more about Foyt Racing here.

Now, for the wine. Since this is my first wine review, allow me to break down my method for tasting wines. I follow the 4 S model, which goes as follows: See, Smell, Sip, Summarize. Since each of those is rather self-explanatory, I won’t waste any more time by defining them.

The color of this wine is a lovely maroon with hints of plum color at the core. It is rather transparent and shows no signs of aging (no orange around the rim). My first smell reveals aromas of cherry and plum. Overall, this Pinot has a very fruity nose.

First sip reveals a balanced wine that is bold and dry but not too astringent. Flavors of ripe berries and the return of the cherry, with just a touch of oak, complement the nose of this wine. The mouthfeel is lingering and pleasant, and the wine finishes smoothly, noting soft (but present) tannins.

Overall, this is a nice, bold Pinot, comparable to Pinot Noirs from Oregon. It is quite dry but not overly so. For a true Pinot lover, the Foyt 2014 Pinot Noir is sure to be a hit.


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